Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm Sammy

Hi! I'm Samwise Gamgee Wildboom Butterboy Don't Call him Chico Don't Call him Don't Call him Chico Tailsworthy. But my friends call me Sammy.
I live in a big house with a bunch of yard to pee and sit and run and walk and play and poop and bark and howl on! I love my Mommy, my Daddy, Little She, my human sister, and Daisy, my other dog sister. They feed me and pet me and walk me and hug me and play with me and love me and yell at me when I jump onto the table. Want to seeeeeee me? I'm beautiful! And handsome! And cute! And friendly! Pleeeeeeeeease????? Ok then. Here I am!
Wait... not that one! Sorry.

This one!